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Junk Removal in Kirkland, WA

Excavation and Demolition

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"Andy has been amazing! Our job site is to say the least ..pretty difficult. No other removal companies would help us. Andy stepped  up to the challenge and gets our debris and site cleaned up in a quick and professional manner."

Rob K.

Lynnwood, WA
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"I just want to say thank you! The boys worked fast and efficiently and kept a positive attitude the whole time. I had a ton of dirt waste from redoing the backyard and they removed it all for a great price. I will definitely call them again in the future"

Alexis R.

Chandler, AZ
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"This is a wonderful company that is run by someone with a great deal of integrity. Don’t hesitate to hire RAD Junk Removal & Demolition."

Michelle M.

Seattle, WA

Best Junk Removal Services in Kirkland, WA

Did you know that the average American household accumulates over 1,000 pounds of junk each year? From old furniture and broken appliances to piles of unused clothing and knickknacks, our homes have a tendency to become cluttered very quickly. While a little clutter may not seem like a big deal, it can actually take a toll on your mental health and make your living spaces feel smaller and more chaotic.

This is where RAD Junk Removal comes in. As a trusted junk removal and demolition service provider in Kirkland, WA, we’re here to help you reclaim your space and get rid of anything that’s no longer serving you. Our team handles the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We’ll dispose of almost any kind of residential or commercial junk quickly and efficiently. From broken washing machines to old hot tubs, construction debris to unwanted yard waste, we can make it disappear. We also offer specialty services like garage cleanouts, storage unit cleanouts, and eviction cleanouts.

Let us restore order and beauty to your home or business. You’ll be amazed by how light and refreshed you feel when all that clutter is gone for good!

Our Junk Removal Services Features

As Kirkland’s premier junk removal service, we make clearing out clutter quick and easy. Our team can clear out any unwanted items from your home, garage, attic, yard, and more. No job is too big or too small!

We offer flexible junk removal services to meet your needs:

  • One-time cleanoutsPerfect for tackling spring cleaning, downsizing, or just decluttering your space. We can take away furniture, appliances, construction debris, yard waste and more.
  • Recurring cleanoutsKeep your home continuously clutter-free. Schedule regular visits for us to remove junk from your garage, attic or other areas.
  • Emergency cleanoutsExperiencing sudden issues caused by junk, such as blocked access or pest infestations? Get fast emergency junk hauling services. We can respond quickly to get your space cleared ASAP.

Our team happily removes almost any type of non-hazardous junk including:

  • Furniture - couches, chairs, mattresses, desks, tables, etc.
  • Appliances - washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, etc.
  • Yard waste - branches, leaves, brush, etc.
  • Construction/renovation debris - drywall, wood, flooring, tiles, etc.
  • Miscellaneous - toys, books, clothes, decor, sports equipment, etc.

We promote eco-friendly disposal of all collected junk. Materials are recycled whenever possible.

Let us handle the hassle of junk removal! Our professional team will clear the clutter quickly and efficiently, so you can reclaim your space.

Garage & Estate Cleanouts

Are you overwhelmed with clutter in your home or garage? Are you preparing a home for sale and need to declutter and remove unwanted items? As your local Kirkland, WA junk removal experts, we specialize in estate and garage cleanouts.

Our professional team will sort through your belongings, separating trash from treasures. We’ll dispose of any unwanted furniture, appliances, boxes, and other junk, allowing you to reclaim your space. Our large trucks and hauling equipment mean we can remove even the bulkiest items with ease.

Whether you’re downsizing, relocating, settling an estate, or just wanting to start fresh with a decluttered home, we can handle the cleanout quickly and efficiently. We know it’s not just stuff - it represents memories and meaning. We’ll treat your belongings with care and make the process as stress-free as possible.

Contact us today to schedule an estate or garage cleanout. We serve Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Bothell, Woodinville, Lynnwood and surrounding areas. Let us take care of the junk so you can focus on what’s important.

Storage Unit Cleanouts

As the premier junk removal and cleanout service in Kirkland, WA, we specialize in clearing out old storage units and getting rid of unnecessary clutter. We understand the struggle of keeping old storage units filled with random belongings you don’t need anymore. Let us take the pain out of cleaning decades of collected stuff.

We’ll send a team to your storage facility to identify and remove any unneeded contents. Whether you need us to clear out an entire storage unit or just remove select items, we can handle it quickly and efficiently. Our trained staff knows how to safely maneuver around crowded storage spaces. We’ll identify useful items to donate while responsibly disposing of unwanted junk.

Trust us to:

  • Make quick work of removing accumulated storage unit clutter. Our team can empty an entire 10x10 unit in just a few hours.
  • Safely carry out awkwardly large items like furniture and appliances. No need to figure out how you’ll haul away that heavy dresser yourself.
  • Donate or recycle anything salvageable. We’ll always look to keep useful items out of the landfill.
  • Legally transport and dispose of hazardous materials like chemicals or old electronics. We adhere to all regulations.
  • Provide you photo documentation of the completed empty unit. See the satisfying results!

Don’t let your old storage junk collect dust and fees any longer. Contact our Kirkland junk removal team today to schedule an efficient, affordable storage unit cleanout. We serve customers throughout King County.

Construction Debris Removal

Are you in the middle of a construction or remodeling project and need help getting rid of the debris? Look no further than our junk removal services in Kirkland, WA. We specialize in removing construction debris quickly and efficiently.

Our team will come to your site and safely remove any materials left over from your construction or remodeling project. We can take care of wood, drywall, metal, concrete, brick, roofing materials, plaster, pipes, and more. We’ll load all the debris into our trucks and haul it away for you.

We also recycle materials whenever possible. We know how important it is to be environmentally responsible with construction debris. We’ll work hard to salvage any materials that can be reused or repurposed. Keeping debris out of the landfill is one of our top priorities.

Our construction debris removal service takes the hassle out of your remodeling or construction project. The last thing you want is for leftover materials and junk to slow down completion of the work. Let us quickly clear away any debris and keep your project on schedule. Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote!

Eviction and Foreclosure Cleanouts

As a landlord or property manager, we know dealing with evictions and foreclosures can be stressful. Once tenants are legally evicted, you’re often left with their abandoned possessions and a rental unit in disarray. Our team can handle the post-eviction cleanout professionally and efficiently.

We understand the laws and proper procedures to legally remove all abandoned tenant belongings and debris. Our large trucks and team will clear out the entire contents so you’re not left handling any of it. We leave the rental unit move-in ready so you can get it re-rented quickly. Our locksmith services can also replace or rekey locks.

Trust us to handle this tedious process for you after evictions. We make what’s typically a huge headache easy and compliant with all laws. The property will be cleared out and restored in no time.


As the leading Kirkland demolition company, we offer full or partial demolition services to safely and efficiently remove structures and provide debris removal. Our experienced team uses the latest techniques and equipment to demolish commercial buildings, houses, interior walls, exterior features, concrete, and more.

We handle all projects with care, from large commercial demolitions to smaller residential jobs. No demolition project is too big or too small for our team. We demolition old houses, garages, sheds, concrete slabs, retaining walls, pools, and pavement. Our excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks and other heavy machinery allow us to demolish any structure quickly while minimizing impact on surrounding properties.

Safety is our top priority during any demolition. We fence off work areas, spray water to reduce dust, and remove hazardous materials properly. We recycle as many materials as possible to minimize what goes into landfills. Our clean-up crews remove all debris, leaving properties clear and ready for the next construction phase.

With decades of experience, we have the expertise to take down structures while protecting people, property and the environment. We handle all necessary permits and work closely with inspectors to meet local regulations.

Trust us for your next demolition project, whether commercial or residential. We provide fast, efficient and safe demolition services. Our upfront pricing and transparency makes demolishing structures stress-free. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Excavation Services

Our excavation services provide the necessary site preparation for any construction project. We have the equipment and expertise to efficiently clear and level land to get your site ready for building.

With our land clearing capabilities, we can remove trees, stumps, rocks, and other vegetation from your property. Our team will survey your site and develop a land clearing plan to meet your specific needs. We use advanced techniques and equipment like hydro-ax mulchers to grind up and remove vegetation with minimal disturbance to the surrounding property.

Site preparation is a crucial first step to create a stable base for foundations, utilities, and other infrastructure. We perform extensive excavation and grading to shape the contour of the land. Our earthmoving equipment can dig trenches for drainage and utilities, remove unsuitable soils, and bring in clean fill materials to get the site to the proper grade. Proper grading prevents erosion and ensures proper drainage away from structures.

With our extensive experience in residential, commercial, and municipal excavation projects, we can expertly prepare your site for whatever type of construction you have planned. Trust us to clear, level, and grade your land so it’s construction-ready.

Why Choose Us?

As Kirkland, WA’s leading junk removal and demolition service, we have everything you need to quickly and affordably clean out unwanted items from your home or business. Here are some key reasons to choose us for your junk hauling and debris removal needs:

Locally Owned Business

We are proudly locally owned and operated right here in Snohomish County near Kirkland, WA. As your local junk removal experts, we aim to serve our community with integrity and responsible waste disposal practices. You can trust our military experience and local roots.

Quick Response Times

Need fast junk pick up? We can often schedule same or next day service. Our flexible scheduling and rapid response times make clutter and debris removal fast and convenient. We strive to work within your timeframe.

Let us handle the hassle of junk and debris removal. Our Kirkland team has the resources and know-how to clear out unwanted items from any property quickly and responsibly. Contact us today for a quote!

Affordable Junk Removal in Kirkland, WA

Our commitment to delivering top-notch junk hauling services goes hand in hand with our dedication to transparency and affordability. We understand the importance of offering services that not only meet the highest standards but also remain accessible to a wide range of clients. In this regard, our pricing strategy is designed to be not just competitive but also fair and straightforward.

Our upfront estimates are a testament to our commitment to honesty and fairness in our services. We understand that nobody likes surprises, especially when it comes to the cost of services. That's why we take the extra step to provide you with a detailed and transparent estimate before we commence any work. This way, you have a clear understanding of the costs involved, allowing you to make informed decisions without any hidden charges.

Junk Removal Near Me

Looking for reliable junk removal in Kirkland, WA?

We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can help with your junk removal, demolition, or excavation needs. Our professional team is here to declutter your space. Fast, affordable, and eco-friendly solutions for all your junk removal needs. Contact us today for a cleaner, stress-free environment.

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About Kirkland Washington

Kirkland, situated on the eastern shores of Lake Washington in King County, Washington, is a city that exudes a unique blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. Kirkland has evolved from its origins as a mill town to become a thriving community characterized by a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational amenities.

Established in the late 19th century, Kirkland's early economy revolved around the lumber and milling industry. However, over the decades, the city underwent a transformation, diversifying its economic base and embracing its waterfront location as a prime asset. Today, Kirkland stands as a dynamic city that not only provides a high quality of life for its residents but also attracts visitors with its scenic landscapes and vibrant urban atmosphere.

Lake Washington, a defining feature of Kirkland's geography, plays a central role in shaping the city's character. The waterfront, with its parks and marinas, offers a picturesque setting for recreational activities and community gatherings. Marina Park, situated in the heart of downtown Kirkland, is a popular spot where residents and visitors can enjoy scenic views, walk along the shores of Lake Washington, or partake in various water-based activities.

Kirkland's commitment to green spaces and recreational facilities is evident in its numerous parks and trails. Juanita Beach Park and Bridle Trails State Park are just a couple of examples of the city's dedication to providing residents with spaces for outdoor enjoyment. These areas serve as hubs for sports, picnics, and leisurely strolls, fostering a sense of community and well-being.

The city's downtown area is a vibrant hub of activity, featuring a mix of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. Kirkland Urban, a mixed-use development, has added a modern touch to the city's landscape, offering a diverse range of retail and dining options. The combination of local businesses and national retailers creates a dynamic shopping and dining experience, catering to the varied tastes of Kirkland's residents and visitors.

Education is a key focus in Kirkland, with the Lake Washington School District overseeing the educational needs of the community. The district is committed to providing quality education, and Kirkland is home to several well-regarded public and private schools. This emphasis on education aligns with the city's goal of nurturing a knowledgeable and skilled workforce to contribute to its continued growth and prosperity.

Kirkland is not only a residential and commercial center but also a hub for technology and innovation. The city has become a magnet for tech companies and startups, drawn to its strategic location, skilled workforce, and vibrant community. This influx of tech-related businesses has contributed to Kirkland's economic resilience and played a role in shaping its contemporary identity.

Transportation infrastructure is another aspect that enhances Kirkland's connectivity. The city is well-connected by major highways, facilitating convenient travel to neighboring communities and the greater Seattle metropolitan area. Additionally, public transportation options, including buses and transit services, contribute to the accessibility of Kirkland, allowing residents to navigate the region efficiently.

While Kirkland boasts numerous strengths, it also faces challenges common to growing urban centers. Issues such as traffic congestion, housing affordability, and sustainable development are topics that city leaders and residents actively address. The ongoing efforts to balance growth with environmental stewardship and community well-being underscore Kirkland's commitment to maintaining a desirable living environment.

Kirkland, Washington, stands as a city that gracefully marries natural beauty with urban sophistication. From its early days as a mill town to its current status as a bustling community with a thriving economy, Kirkland has evolved while retaining a strong sense of identity. The city's commitment to green spaces, education, and innovation reflects a forward-looking approach, ensuring that Kirkland remains a desirable place to live, work, and play for its diverse and growing population.