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Junk Removal in Monroe, WA

Excavation and Demolition

Explore a comprehensive collection of images of our project process, showcasing our expertise in our most recent works.

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"Andy has been amazing! Our job site is to say the least ..pretty difficult. No other removal companies would help us. Andy stepped  up to the challenge and gets our debris and site cleaned up in a quick and professional manner."

Rob K.

Lynnwood, WA
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"I just want to say thank you! The boys worked fast and efficiently and kept a positive attitude the whole time. I had a ton of dirt waste from redoing the backyard and they removed it all for a great price. I will definitely call them again in the future"

Alexis R.

Chandler, AZ
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"This is a wonderful company that is run by someone with a great deal of integrity. Don’t hesitate to hire RAD Junk Removal & Demolition."

Michelle M.

Seattle, WA

Monroe, Washington Junk Removal Service

Welcome to our Monroe, WA junk removal service! We specialize in providing top-quality junk hauling, demolition, and excavation services for residential and commercial customers throughout Monroe and the surrounding areas.

Our family-owned business has been serving the community for over 10 years. We take pride in offering fast, reliable junk removal and disposal at affordable rates. Whether you need to clean out an attic, basement, garage or entire home, our team can handle it efficiently. We’ll come to your property with our clean trucks and modern equipment to remove any unwanted furniture, appliances, construction debris and other junk.

In addition to junk removal, we also offer complete demolition and excavation services. From tearing down old sheds, pools and fences to preparing land for new construction, we have the skills and tools to get the job done safely. Our experienced staff follows all protocols to recycle and donate usable materials whenever possible.

For affordable and stress-free junk hauling, demolition and excavation in Monroe, WA, call on our professional team. We serve residential and commercial customers 7 days a week. Contact us today for an estimate!

Items We take

Our Junk removal involves removing any old, unwanted items from your home or property. Our expert team can quickly and efficiently clear out any clutter, including furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, construction debris, and more. Simply point out the items you need gone, and we’ll load them into our trucks and properly dispose of them for you.

Our junk removal service removes all types of unwanted junk, including:

  • Old furniture such as couches, beds, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Major appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, etc.
  • Small appliances including microwave ovens, vacuums, coffee machines, etc.
  • Electronics like TVs, computer monitors/towers, printers, fax machines etc.
  • Clothes, shoes, accessories, linens etc.
  • Toys, sports equipment, tools, outdoor items etc.
  • Yard waste such as branches, leaves, brush etc.
  • Construction/renovation debris - drywall, wood, concrete, roofing, rubble etc.
  • Pretty much anything else you need removed!

Our junk removal team does all the hard work while you relax. We’ll bring our truck right to your home for convenient loading. No need to rent a vehicle or struggle loading heavy objects! We handle every part of the junk removal and disposal process for you at reasonable, upfront rates. Get an instant quote online or call us today to schedule an appointment!

Estate and Garage Cleanouts in Monroe, WA

Our estate and garage cleanout service in Monroe, WA specializes in cleaning out homes, garages, attics, basements, and storage spaces. We understand this can be an overwhelming process when faced with clearing out the belongings of a loved one or items that have accumulated over many years.

Our team provides a full-service solution to help make this process efficient and stress-free. We will send a crew to your location to evaluate the space and the items that need to be removed. We know that sentimental items hold memories and meaning, so we take great care in identifying pieces you wish to keep versus items ready for removal.

Our junk removal team will handle all of the heavy lifting and hauling away of any unwanted furniture, appliances, boxes, tools, outdoor equipment, and anything else you need removed from the premises. We donate and recycle as many items as possible to keep them out of local landfills. Our cleanout crews thoroughly clean the space once empty, leaving it fresh and usable again.

We understand this can be an emotional process. Our staff treats you, your family, and your property with compassion, discretion, and care. You don’t need to struggle with managing an estate cleanout on your own. Trust the professional team at Monroe, WA Junk Removal Service to take care of it for you. We make the process smooth from start to finish.

Storage Unit Cleanouts in Monroe, WA

Cleaning out and hauling away the contents of a storage unit can be a daunting task for many people. As a full-service junk removal company serving Monroe, WA, we specialize in quickly and efficiently emptying storage units of any size.

Our team can quickly sort through the contents of your storage unit and remove any unwanted items. We’ll take away furniture, appliances, boxes of personal possessions, and anything else you need removed. Our trucks are equipped with ramps to easily load and transport bulky items from storage facilities.

Consolidating multiple storage units into one is another service we provide clients in Monroe, WA. If you find yourself paying rent on more than one unit, we can combine the contents into one. This allows you to save money by only needing a single unit going forward. We’ll handle all the packing, moving, and hauling for you.

Rather than spending your valuable free time attempting to clear out a storage unit on your own, let our junk removal pros take care of it. We’ll lift the burden off your shoulders so you can spend your weekends doing something you enjoy. Our staff works quickly and leaves your former storage unit clean and empty for you to turn back over to the facility.

Furniture and Appliance Removal in Monroe, WA

Do you have old, broken, or outdated furniture or appliances taking up space in your Monroe home? Our junk removal team can safely haul away any unwanted furniture or appliances and properly dispose of or recycle them.

We’ll send a team of professionals with the right tools and equipment to dismantle and remove any bulky items from your property. Whether it’s couches, mattresses, dressers, tables, refrigerators, washers, dryers or anything else, we can handle it efficiently. No need to struggle moving large, awkward items yourself.

Our furniture and appliance removal services make it easy to clear space during renovations or while preparing to move. We’ll do all the hard work for you, taking away bulky objects and leaving the area clutter-free. You don’t have to worry about how to get rid of the old furniture either. We ensure eco-friendly recycling or disposal.

Trust our Monroe junk hauling team to remove unwanted furniture and appliances quickly while you focus on more important moving or renovation tasks. Call today to schedule an appointment and we’ll take care of the rest.

Construction Debris Removal in Monroe, WA

Home renovations and construction projects generate a lot of waste that needs proper disposal. Our construction debris removal service in Monroe, WA makes clean up fast and easy.

We remove all types of debris from major or minor construction projects, including:

  • Wood scraps
  • Drywall
  • Shingles and roofing materials
  • Bricks and concrete
  • Scrap metal
  • Pipes, electrical wiring, and plumbing
  • Insulation
  • Glass and flooring

We bring high-capacity trucks and the right equipment, like dump trailers and flatbeds, to remove large volumes of construction debris efficiently. Our team takes care to contain waste materials securely for transport and disposal.

Safely disposing of construction debris is crucial for the environment. We properly recycle and dispose of all materials at licensed facilities. You don’t need to worry about where your debris ends up.

With professional equipment and an experienced team, we make construction clean up fast, efficient, and worry-free in Monroe, WA. Contact us to learn more or request a custom quote for your upcoming construction debris removal needs.

Eviction and Foreclosure Cleanouts in Monroe, WA

As property owners and managers in Monroe, WA know, evictions and foreclosures can be extremely difficult processes, requiring compassion as well as efficiency. We understand the challenges involved and are here to help.

Our licensed and insured team can quickly and professionally clear out the belongings left behind after an eviction or foreclosure in Monroe. We handle everything in a discreet, respectful manner, removing furniture, trash, appliances, and other personal items to get a property ready for cleaning, repairs, and showing.

We also understand that evictions and foreclosures are sensitive situations. We work closely with property owners, managers, and real estate agents to make the process go smoothly. Our goal is to help relieve some of the stress by preparing the property for rental or sale.

With our junk removal expertise and resources, we can clear out Monroe properties efficiently. We dispose of all items legally and donate reusable goods when possible. We also provide full cleanouts to help properties look their best.

During evictions and foreclosures in Monroe, WA, let us handle the cleanout and prep work so you can move forward. Our rates are upfront and reasonable. Contact us today to learn more or schedule service.

Demolition Services in Monroe, WA

We offer a full range of demolition services to Monroe, WA homeowners and businesses. Our team of demolition experts has years of experience safely tearing down all types of buildings and structures. We have the right equipment and techniques to get the job done quickly while minimizing noise, dust, and debris.

For any demolition project, we start by inspecting the site and going over project requirements with the client. Safety is always our top priority. Before demolition starts, we disconnect utilities, install protective barriers, and take other precautions to prevent injury or damage.

House Demolition

We can tear down an entire house or just sections like chimneys, porches, garages or sheds. Our crew will demolish the structure, remove all debris from the site, and leave your Monroe property cleared and ready for the next construction project.

Interior Demolition

We handle interior demolition for commercial buildings and residential homes in the Monroe area. This includes removal of walls, fixtures, flooring and ceilings while avoiding damage to structural elements you want to keep. Our clean practices minimize dust and debris.

Exterior Demolition

For exterior demolition, we use techniques like mechanical crushing and controlled deconstruction. This allows exterior walls and features to be safely taken down. We also demolish detached structures like garages, decks, porches and pools. Site cleanup is included.

For any Monroe demolition project, call us today for an estimate! Our expertise gets the job done affordably and efficiently.

Excavation Services in Monroe, WA

Our excavation and site preparation teams have years of experience transforming properties in the Monroe area. We provide a full range of excavation and site prep services to get your land ready for construction or landscaping projects.

Land Clearing and Site Preparation

Our excavators and operators can clear your land of trees, stumps, brush, and other vegetation. We use equipment like bulldozers, backhoes, and skid steers to scrape and level the site. Removing vegetation and debris creates a blank slate for future construction. Site prep makes the land accessible and buildable for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

We also offer lot grading, shaping the land to create proper drainage. Our teams handle cut and fill grading, moving soil around the site to create the ideal topography. Proper grading prevents flooding issues and makes the property usable. It transforms rugged land into flattened, stable lots ready for building.

Creating Buildable Lots

Our full-service excavation process turns raw land into usable parcels and buildable lots. We clear trees/vegetation, demolish any existing structures, and grade the earth. This produces ready-to-build lots zoned for residential or commercial construction. Investing in proper site work saves builders time and money down the road.

Supporting Construction Projects

In addition to prepping vacant land, we provide excavation support for active construction projects. We dig trenches to lay utilities like water, sewer, electric, gas, and communications infrastructure. Our operators also dig foundations, footings, and basements to spec. For commercial builds, we handle extensive earthmoving and terrain leveling. Our work prepares the site for smooth construction.

For all your excavation and site preparation needs in the Monroe area, choose our professional, experienced team. We transform challenging properties into productive, buildable land.

Why Choose Us for Junk Removal and Demolition

You can count on our Monroe junk removal service to provide fast, friendly, and affordable cleanouts for your home or business. We have years of experience and an excellent reputation in Monroe for completely removing any type of debris or unwanted items.

Unlike some junk hauling companies, we proudly offer fair and transparent pricing with no hidden fees. You can get an accurate quote after sending us photos or having us do an on-site assessment. Our upfront rates make it easy to budget for your junk removal project.

Our team works quickly and efficiently to clear out your clutter while being mindful of your property. We take great care to protect floors, walls, stairways and landscaping during the junk hauling process. We clean up thoroughly once the items have been removed.

All hauled away debris and waste is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. We partner with local recycling centers to give new life to reusable materials that still have value. Proper disposal helps our community and the planet.

Safety and customer service are top priorities for us. Our uniformed team members are licensed, insured, background checked and drug screened. You can expect them to be friendly, honest and exceed your expectations.

When you choose our Monroe junk removal service, you can be confident we’ll handle your project with integrity, ease your stress, and leave you with a clean slate. Contact us today to learn more or schedule affordable junk hauling services!

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About Monroe Washinton

Nestled in the verdant landscapes of Snohomish County, Washington, Monroe stands as a charming city that seamlessly blends its rich history with modern amenities. With a population of approximately 20,000, Monroe embodies a tight-knit community spirit while embracing the natural beauty that surrounds it.

The city's historic roots are evident in its well-preserved downtown area, where classic brick buildings house a variety of shops, boutiques, and local businesses. Monroe's commitment to preserving its heritage is showcased in landmarks such as the Wagner Performing Arts Center, a cultural hub that hosts a range of events and performances, adding vibrancy to the community.

Monroe's location along the Skykomish River contributes to its picturesque setting and provides a backdrop for outdoor activities. Al Borlin Park, with its scenic trails and riverfront views, offers a peaceful retreat for residents and visitors alike. The city's commitment to green spaces is further exemplified by Lake Tye Park, a recreational haven featuring a lake for water activities, sports facilities, and playgrounds.

Education is a cornerstone of Monroe's community values, as reflected in its schools' dedication to providing quality learning experiences. The Monroe School District serves the city's diverse population, offering a range of academic and extracurricular programs. The emphasis on education extends to the local libraries and community centers, fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

Monroe is renowned for its annual Evergreen State Fair, a beloved tradition that draws crowds from across the region. The fair showcases agricultural excellence, with livestock competitions, rodeo events, and a plethora of entertainment options. It serves as a testament to Monroe's agricultural roots, celebrating the contributions of local farmers and fostering a sense of community pride.

The city's economic landscape is diverse, with a mix of industries contributing to its vitality. Agriculture remains a significant part of Monroe's economy, with fertile lands supporting farms that produce a variety of crops. Additionally, the city has seen growth in manufacturing and commerce, contributing to employment opportunities and economic stability.

Monroe's commitment to community well-being is evident in its healthcare facilities, ensuring residents have access to quality medical services. The EvergreenHealth Monroe hospital plays a crucial role in providing healthcare services, emphasizing the city's dedication to the health and welfare of its residents.

Transportation infrastructure in Monroe facilitates connectivity to neighboring communities. Highways and well-maintained roads make commuting convenient, while public transportation options contribute to the city's accessibility. Monroe's strategic location also places it within a reasonable driving distance of major urban centers like Seattle, providing residents with the benefits of both small-town living and proximity to metropolitan amenities.

The housing landscape in Monroe reflects a mix of residential styles, from historic homes with character to modern developments catering to diverse preferences. The real estate market has experienced growth, attracting those seeking a peaceful, family-friendly environment within the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty.

IMonroe, WA, is a city that cherishes its history, embraces its natural surroundings, and fosters a strong sense of community. From its historic downtown to its scenic parks and annual fair, Monroe offers a quality of life that captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest's charm. With a commitment to education, economic diversity, and community engagement, Monroe stands as a welcoming haven in the heart of Snohomish County.